At The Centre of Veterinary Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, we provide a range of specialized services to support the health and well-being of your beloved pets, whether they are canine companions or equine athletes. Our team of experienced veterinary physiotherapists is dedicated to delivering exceptional care and tailored treatment plans to help your pets thrive.

Services Offered:

  • Canine Assessment and Treatment – £45

Comprehensive assessment and tailored treatment plans for dogs of all ages and conditions.

  • Equine Assessment and Treatment – £55

Thorough assessment and treatment for horses to optimize their performance and recovery.

  • Treadmill Package – £30 a month

Up to 6 treadmill sessions tailored to the individual’s needs every month.

  • Canine OAP Package – from £17 a month

Options for one treatment a month or every other month, plus ongoing 24/7 support for senior dogs.

  • Canine Fittening Package – £75

Up to 8 treadmill sessions a month, a monthly treatment, and weekly weight measurement for active dogs.

  • Equine Yearly Subscription – £14 a month

Includes 3 assessments and treatments throughout the year, plus continuous 24/7 support for your horse’s well-being.

  • Canine Yearly Subscription – £15 a month

Provides 4 assessments and treatments annually, along with ongoing 24/7 support for your dog’s health.

Electrotherapies we use:

  • LASER Therapy: Non-invasive and painless treatment to promote healing and reduce pain.
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound: Deep tissue therapy to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.
  • PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy: Enhances cellular repair and overall healing.

Yard Discount

Receive a £5 per animal discount when treating three or more animals at a single location