“Since having treatment I have a different dog, playful , calmer with humans and has Learned that he can enjoy himself. Staff were fantastic and their love for animals was certainly visible ❤️ – Kerry Payne
“Very thorough and detailed in the session, always made it clear why and what they were doing. Definitely feel a difference in the horse every time.” – Isabelle Knighton
“You’re doing great Gryffie loves you!” – Becki Lavender
“Angelina and Andrea raised concerns about Harry’s physical wellbeing despite us being unaware of any issues, in doing so they have almost certainly saved (or at least delayed) him from a large surgical procedure. The attention and care Harry now gets regularly to keep him in the best possible condition is exemplary and he struts out of the treatment like a new dog each time! We are very grateful to have found this team for Harry.” – Tracey Wright